Aleph Tav

2019 Aleph Tav Conference

june 25-28 | 6:30pm | CenturyLink

No registration or tickets required.

This is a FREE event!


Featured Guests


James A. Mcmenis

Lead pastor at Word of God Ministries; A Bible-based, multi-ethnic and Christ-centered ministry. Aleph Tav began at WOGM in 2008 as a week-long bible study. Since then, the AT Conference has grown into a city-wide yearly event where people of all races, all religions and all walks of life can come together to lift up the name of JESUS!

Bethel music

Paul & Hannah McClure, and Kristene DiMarco are part of Bethel Music; a collective of worship leaders who aim to write and record songs that carry the culture of heaven and the heart of God.




Iron Bell Music is passionate about helping people fall in love with God through creating worship music that leads people to really know Him, and not just about Him. All of their songs are birthed out of encounters in God’s presence, inviting people into a transformational experience where hearts are set free as they declare the truth of who God is.